Helpful Hints


  • Do not go tanning for 10 days before the session to avoid burns & blotchy skin.
  • Do not schedule any facials or skin treatments for 10 days before your session.
  • Be sure any body hair is well groomed, including shaved legs.
  • Have your fingernails & toenails manicured.
  • Do not wash your hair the day of your session.  “Day 2” hair is much easier to style.
  • Arrive in loose fitting clothing and try to avoid wearing a bra, underwear, socks or anything that will leave unsightly dent marks in your skin.
  • If your outfit has garters, be sure to get stockings as thigh highs will not fit through the garter locks.  (Pantyhose go from toe to waist.  Stockings go from toe to thigh and require a garter belt.  Thigh highs go from toe to thigh and have silicone banding to make them stay up without the use of garters.)


  • A friend (not your mom or significant other) who will cheer you on and tell you how great you look
  • Any article of clothing or lingerie that you find flattering (multiple outfits are encouraged!)
  • Taking pictures to give to your significant other?  Consider bringing something that belongs to them to wear in your photos.
  • Shoes/High Heels (preferably unworn, as some poses show the soles of the shoe)
  • Stockings, fishnets, thigh highs, garters, masks, fans, hats, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, rings, or any other items that you would like!
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