Shanna Squared – {Boudoir Photography Northern New Jersey}

There is nothing better than a gorgeous client who shares my name. ‪ Shanna and I met through a mutual friend and have chatted with each other on Facebook for almost 2 years now.  A year ago we picked a date for her portrait session, at a waterside park in Red Bank, NJ.  She had the outfits, we checked the weather and the forecast looked great.  Shanna happened to pass the location a few days before our session, and they had started a construction project at the location.  So we put our plans on hold for a while. I was so glad we waited. I let Shanna know that I was planning a studio day, and we made arrangements for her to come up to Northern New Jersey for the occasion. We had a wonderful day in a gorgeous studio, with the amazing makeup artist Daylin and some stunning accessories provided by Lonna & Lilly.

Originally this was only going to be a Glamour Session.  But I told Shanna the same thing I tell every client. The decision is entirely up to you.  I am happy to photograph you anywhere on the clothing scale you choose.  Decked out to the nines, ready for a black tie event?  AWESOME!  Dressed for date night?  FABULOUS!  Wearing your new sweater that makes you feel like a million bucks?  You in your skivvies?  Maybe just your birthday suit?  All of those work!  Its about making you feel confident in your skin and in front of my camera.

Still with me and all these words?  Know a friend looking for boudoir photography in Northern New Jersey?  Send them my way!


Makeup: Daylin Laine_MUA

Jewelry:  Lonna & Lilly



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Shanna - I could not be happier!!!! I love them. Thank you so much.

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