Portraits: Why should you have one?

Remember last week when I said, “A mirror is not a portrait.”?  If not, then read this post first:  Click Here.

All caught up?  Great!  Let me continue.  Karen, the lovely lady you see here has not had portraits made in a long time.  She does not like having her picture taken.  She was always concerned about how she would look in the final image. One of her resolutions this year was to do things that she would normally pass on. Having a portrait taken was a great way to embrace something that was uncomfortable for her.

I asked Karen to tell me a little about her portrait experience with me:

Honestly I actually hate having my picture taken…but you made me feel so comfortable. I was really able to just relax in front of the camera (for once) and try to have fun. I think that I always worry about how heavy I am going to look in pictures…am I having a bad self esteem day. But that all went out the window! #breakthrough

What I want you to take away from this, my dear beautiful blog follower, is that you are beautiful. Let me show you. Everyone around you already knows it. I’m not here to tell you, I’m just here to show you what we already see.


The lovely Miss Daylin started Karen off with a makeup look that was more natural, and more professional. We did a few headshots, (pssst…. keep me in mind when you are ready to update that linkedin profile picture… selfies on linkedin are no bueno) and then moved to a more casual look, adding some of the beautiful baubles from Lonna & Lilly.  We finished off with an AMAZING RED LIP! Karen was so in love with the color she went out and bought it for herself.

Makeup: Daylin Laine_MUA

Necklace & Earrings:  Lonna & Lilly

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